Seasons Change Products Change

Seasons Change Products Change

Just like the seasons change you just might have to change your skincare and haircare routine or even your foundation shade. In the spring and summer months, the weather is getting warmer and your skin may change. For example, my skin is combination oily and during the summer months my skin is super oily and also is darker. So I have to change my skincare routine and my foundation shade. For foundation I may go matte instead of a dewy finish.

For the winter months, my skin tends to be drier and a shade lighter. For foundation I may go dewy in the areas where I'm dry (cheeks, jawline, etc.) and maybe a little matte in the T-Zone....It just depends....So, again, my skincare routine changes where I have to use moisturizing products for day and night and my foundation shade is a shade lighter. Please note! Your undertone NEVER changes.



My hair may even be drier during the winter months and that's where super hydration comes in. From steam treatments to moisturizing conditioners, my hair has to stay moisturized since I am natural. And for protective styles, I may wear a wig or two girl while my hair stays moisturized and protected. During the summer months, the hot weather can be drying as well so be sure to protect your natural hair with continued moisture! Oily types may want to stick with products for oily hair and scalp. Sometimes oily scalps attract dandruff and Head and Shoulders shampoo is one example that can help with this issue.



Back to the skin....



So, if your skin changes with the seasons, why not change your skincare routine and foundation shade. While you're at it, be sure to moisturize your body after each shower or bath. When you exit your shower or bath do not dry your body completely. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your damp skin and repeat first thing in the morning. Do this throughout the winter season when your skin is extra dry. 



Don't forget your lips! Your lips has no oil glands and tend to be dry, for some people, all the time! So always exfoliate and moisturize your lips year round for supple and younger looking lips.



Another overly dry area are your hands and feet. The skin on your hands and feet does not have oil glands either and tend to be drier in the winter months. So get that pedicure and manicure regularly girl! But in this day and time, there is this thing called a pandemic. So you have to do some self-care called a spa day! Girl all you have to do is schedule a day to just pamper yourself at home. That will be another blog.... Overall, take care of your skin and it will take care of you.



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