Mask or Makeup...Hmmm....

Well, the days have changed, heck the whole world has changed due to this pandemic we are having. So, now masks are mandatory in a lot of places and you have to choose to wear your mask only or mask with makeup. Is there a way around this? Well, I say YES. You can still wear your favorite foundation and lip wear while wearing a mask. How you ask? Well first you should invest in a waterproof foundation. A foundation that will not transfer to clothing or a mask. 

Don't want to do that? Well, apply a primer on your face along with a moisturizer. Then you're going to set the application with a translucent setting powder. Next you will spray a makeup setting spray over that. Let dry. Apply your concealer and a matte foundation. Set it with a powder then spray another layer of setting spray. The idea here is layering your applications. This works wonderfully!! Tip bake with your powders to really set the foundation in place. Go light with all of the applications.

Another idea is to wear matte liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks are waterproof and can wear up to 12 hours. They won't transfer to your mask because they are matte right?


Oh there are options out there and you should NOT be robbed of your freedom to wear your favorite cosmetics, but again do what works for you.