The Magnetic Lash Craze

Well, well, well! The lash game has changed. If you have not noticed, the magnetic lashes are in. You remember the old days where you had to use a latex lash glue to apply your lashes? Well not anymore. Someone was smart and created a magnetic eyeliner! Sheer GENIUS I must say. Well, who did it? For starters, Katy Stoka invented the One Two Lash.

This is where you apply a magnetic lash on top of your own lashes and apply the other magnetic lash under the upper lash. These were popular for a second. I even tried them but had issues trying to sandwich my short, skimpy lashes between these two magnetic lashes. So that went out the window for me girl.

So, along came this awesome magnetic eyeliner that's easy to apply!. This game changer was invented by Laura Hunter! Praise you Laura girl! You took the lash game to another level and made it so easy! No glue, no mess and no pulling out your own lashes girl. Just apply the magnetic eyeliner, let dry and apply the lashes...BAM! The lashes lasts longer and are certainly reusable if you take care of your investment. Yes investment. Some lashes can be pricey simply because of what they are made from. Like 100% mink, fox hair and even human hair. You just have to do your research.

Just a note, be mindful when wearing your magnetic lashes...don't rub your eyes, be aware of the MRI machines. I suggest, if you have an MRI or some type of imaging scheduled with your doctor, not to wear them at all or wait until after your appointment is complete. Then apply them in your car! LOL!

There are so many cosmetic brands out there who carry magnetic lashes including yours truly The Elements Cosmetics. If you're not a lash girl, this will convert you. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Step outside the box and don't be so boring. Give it a try and you just might like it. No one said you have to wear the lashes that looks like spider legs! Just try the subtle ones girl! Magnetic lashes...Who knew?