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About Sealers and Setting Sprays

These are film forming sprays that help provide more durability in a makeup application that needs to be stable and long wearing.  They also provide greater makeup protection under moisture conditions.  Sealers also allow you to layer makeup products over one another without smearing or absorbing the color underneath, and helps keep colors true to wear.  They provide a measure of protection in keeping makeup from rubbing or transferring onto clothing.

Makeup sealant sprays come in three basic formulas:  water/acrylic based, alcohol/water/acrylic based, and alcohol/water based. Understanding the performance differences with these ingredient combinations, and what they can provide, is the key to getting satisfactory results from the sealer application.  Some sealers are more moisture and rub proof than others, and it depends entirely on the percentage of alcohol or acrylic that is blended in the formulation.  The successful wear of your sealer depends on choosing the right one for the job at hand. 

Water/acrylic sealers provide a protective film on makeup that is touch proof, but not entirely rub proof.  They also provide moisture resistance, so the makeup won’t streak under perspiration and oil, and is easily blotted off.  They are a better choice for sensitive skin than alcohol based sealers, which can make skin look a little too dry.  However, these kinds of sealers do get absorbed by the makeup during the course of wear, so you may need to repeat the application.  This is especially true with oily type skin.  Keep in mind that some acrylic/water based sealers might leave a semi-matte texture on the makeup, depending on the type of makeup you want to seal, and if it is powdered before you apply the sealer.

Setting spray (also finishing spray, makeup setting spray, finish spray, or makeup spray) is a cosmetic product designed to preserve applied make-up long periods of time. setting spray is applied by spritzing mist over the face, keeping the make-up application moist for several hours.


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