About Lay-Buys and Q & A


The affordable payment option for customers buying products for future dated events

Questions about Lay-Buy


Is it safe & secure?

All LAY-BUY payments are automatically setup in PayPal

Can customer select the down-payment % they want to pay?

Customer is presented with a dropdown to select the down-payment they want to pay

Can customer select how many months they need to pay-off the balance?

Customer is presented with a dropdown to select how many monthly instalments


Are there any ongoing costs?

No ongoing costs - only a once-off admin fee. Admin fee amount depends on order value

Are there any interest charges?

No interest charges ever

Are there any late fees?

No late fees ever

Post Order

When do I receive the goods?

Customer receives their goods after their final payment

How are Lay-Buy instalment payments paid?

Lay-buy instalment payments are auto-paid from your linked card in your PayPal setup

How do I ensure all Lay-Buy instalment payments are paid?

Customer to ensure there is always funds available

Can a customer manually make payments towards their Lay-Buy order?

No - all Lay-buy payments are automated via a recurring profile in your PayPal setup

Can a customer settle a LAY-BUY earlier?

Yes - please contact store to revise payment plan.

What happens if a payment is missed?

PayPal will then auto attempt again in 5 days, two more times

Is the customer and merchant told about a missed Payment?

Yes, PayPal send an email notification to both parties

How does a customer catch up a missed payment?

Seller will invoice customer for missed payment, and move status to paid

Can a customer see their payment plan?

Yes, you can login to your PayPal account – go to settings >> payments >> pre-approved