How to Choose Your Foundation Shade

I know it is crazy trying to choose your foundation shade online! It seems impossible right? Below are a few tips that can help you choose the right shade for your skin tone.

1. First determine your skin tone.

Fair, Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark

2. Find your undertone color. This will determine what foundation shade is right for you.

  • There are three categories that undertones are classified under: cool, warm and neutral. 
  • Cool: Base tone of your skin is pink, red or blue.  The veins on the inside of your wrist look blue
  • Warm: Base tone of your skin is yellow or gold. The veins on the inside of your wrist look green.
  • Neutral: Mix of cool and warm undertones. It's difficult to tell whether the veins on your inner wrist are blue or green. Makeup is typically true to tone on your complexion. 
  • Undertones don't change. 

An additional way to determine the undertone is to look at your wrist veins.

Greenish veins are coming with yellow with hint of green undertone in case of dark skin tones. This cool yellow undertone often looks like olive-colored skin.

Caramel, lightly brownish colored veins are coming with golden undertone. It is warm yellow with hint of red.

Brownish and reddish veins are coming with red undertone in case of dark skin. Usually red undertone comes with darker skin tones.

Blue undertone is quite rare and comes with deeply dark skin.

3. Decide what type of coverage you desire. Sheer, light to medium, medium to full.

4. Decide what type of finish you desire. Dewy, matte, natural.

5. Decide what type of foundation you want to use. Liquid, Cream, Powder, Stick, Mousse.


Check out these scale for undertones:

These tones have a red, ashy, pink, blue undertone

 These undertones have yellow, gold, peach



Yellow - Warm   Blue - Cool