Sea Moss Power Bundle

Sea Moss Power Bundle

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As you know sea moss has many benefits for the body inside and out. When applied as a skincare, you're getting the healing power of sea moss topically. This Sea Moss Power Bundle is with a Cleanser, Gel and Toner. Great for those with sensitive skin. All are unscented.

Cleanser - Sea Moss is a skin powerhouse in that it naturally: (RAN OUT? PICK UP A SINGLE BOTTLE HERE)

  • Balances Oil Production
  • Rich in Vitamins 
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Provides natural moisture without added oils
  • Vitamin E is a great skin antioxidant

Toner - All of the above and tones and hydrates skin. Brings PH levels back to normal after cleansing (RAN OUT? PICK UP A SINGLE BOTTLE HERE:)

Gel - All of the above which includes good hydration and a healthy glowing skin. (RAN OUT? PICK UP A SINGLE BOTTLE HERE:)