Sooo.....Why All the Mascaras??

Sooo...why are there sooo many types of mascaras? I mean really? They kinda all do the same thing right? Well except for the hair supply store mascaras, they are just clump. Here let's name a few...Volumous, lash blast, volume, full, luminous, falsies..I could go on and on.

If you ask me, I think it's just a scam to have all these types of mascaras. All you need is a volume/thickening, lengthening and they should be waterproof in my opinion. Also, it depends on the type of wand used in the application. For instance, I have short lashes that you can't hardly see girl. So the type of wand I like are the micro wands. These types of brushes really get in between those tiny lashes and bring them out to be noticed. I also like the flat wands where it separates my lashes.

So with all the hype about lash blast and it really worth the hype? After all it's all in the wand used right? Well, do whatever works for you!