Since the early 90's, I've always had a passion for beauty. I believe in looking your best at all times even in such cases as going to a grocery store. You never know who you're going to come in contact with. My mother taught me to always look my best which led me to create a cosmetics line in 2017 after her passing in November of 2016.
I created The Elements Cosmetics for women who, in their past lifetime, have been bullied, and who was never accepted as equal. You see, I was bullied as a child/adolescent and that trauma stayed with me throughout my adult years. I was not the "light skinned beauty" back in my days and because of that I was bullied for the darkness of my skin and the kink in my hair and so forth. I was going through life not loving myself, not accepting who I am and because of that, other traumas have happened to me.
The Elements Cosmetics has given me a voice in the beauty industry. It helped me to find myself, it made me stronger. As I started my healing process, I started loving myself more not because of a painted face but for standing up and being noticed for the person I am. Beauty is more than just a "pretty face", you have to walk in your purpose, and THIS is my purpose to show women like me that you matter, you're beautiful, you're strong and you're not to be looked over. WE have a voice.
I chose the name The Elements Cosmetics because we are all spiritual beings. We are made from the elements of NATURE. Our bodies mimic NATURE. We are beautiful in our own way and that is definitely a beautiful thing!
Years later, I decided to change my brand name to Beauty Elements Shop. I did this because again, I have a passion for all things beauty, so I decided to add skincare which is CTM Skincare, in addition to, Reign Bath and Body, SashaFranke Clothing Lounge, BE Hair Collection, Reign Haircare, Signature Handbags, Wellness, and accessories. Yes, I know this is a lot, BUT beauty is not just makeup.
Beauty extends from head to toe and from there it extends to your environment. Your surroundings must mimic your beauty. A calm, loving, and uplifting environment will help you on your journey to healing. Beauty Elements Shop will be here to help in your journey to healing. We are the element in beauty.