Get your skin ready for Fall/Winter...Here are some tips!

Welp, it's now Fall and it's time to protect and moisturize more than ever before! Start now before the Winter weather starts to breeze in. Another thing you should do around this time is exfoliate! Getting rid of the dead dry skin and protecting it with an SPF of 30 and keeping your skin extremely moisturized to avoid premature aging. Exfoliate at least once a month or if you like do it twice a month. Do this on every inch of your body, where ever there is skin!!! A great DIY exfoliator is sugar and olive oil 

or sugar and coconut oil  

You can even use sweet almond oil! All great for the skin!!!! Another tip is don't shower or bathe in hot water for it tends to dry out the skin even more. Instead try to shower or bathe in lukewarm water. When you exit your bath or shower apply a moisturizer immediately! This will lock in moisture into your skin. Get ready for soft moisturized, irritating free skin!