About The Elements Cosmetics

My name is Sylvia Milton, I am the Owner/Creator of The Elements Cosmetics!

Makeup became one of my passions during my modeling years. I loved the way it made me look and how it brought out the confidence in me. I love the versatility makeup has. You can look like a whole new person or just be yourself. My brother and mother introduced me to the cosmetic world. When my brother applied makeup to my face for the very first time, I was in awe! I mean, I looked and felt so beautiful! From then on it was ova girl!

I've always admired my mother's beauty. I would sit and watch her transform her look into a goddess! She was so beautiful to me! Between those two, my brother and mother, I learned how to apply makeup on my own for runway shows and photo shoots.

In 2002, my brother was murdered in his home. He was such a big influence in my life. He practically raised me. He taught me so much about the beauty industry and more. So, to deal with the grief, I left Mississippi on a Greyhound bus and moved to New York City to pursue my modeling career. He wanted me to do that. Later on, I went to cosmetology school, in my home state, all done in his honor.

My mother passed away in 2016. I fell into a very deep depression and was in a dark place in my life. She was my everything and my whole world. With the help of my now husband and close friends, I sort of got out of that dark place.

One day while sitting at the dining room table, I was just brain storming on what to do with my extra time, now that my mother is gone. For some odd reason cosmetics came to mind. My husband thought it was a great idea considering my history. Well, I was like okay why not, let's do it! I wanted to make sure my mother was honored in some sort of way. And doing this will help with the grieving process. 

So, back in 2017 I created a cosmetic brand in the honor of my mother, The Elements Cosmetics! I chose this name because we are all made up of the elements of the universe. Everything God has made is beautiful including us.

My company is still in the growing phase and there were SO many times I wanted to give up. You see, I put SO much into this brand, as any entrepreneur would, and I cannot fail at this. After all, it has my mother's name on it and I don't want fail her nor myself.

I want women, especially of color, to feel like I felt when I first had makeup applied to my face. Stunningly beautiful, a whole new person, a queen, a confident woman.

Just know, you don't have to be an expert to apply makeup. It's time girl, to step outside the box and give it a try. Learn how to enhance what you have and to be you. You don't have to look like those beauty influencers out there. Don't let that intimidate you. All you have to do is try and do what works for you.

What we carry?
The Elements Cosmetics carries a variety of color cosmetics, Routine Skincare and Reign Bath and Body.

The Elements Cosmetics IS the element in beauty. So like makeup, love makeup, wear makeup! Thank you for your support Everyone!