Custom Wig Creator

Design your dream wig exactly to your specifications with our build your wig system. Choose from an array of textures and lengths to make a wig that's uniquely yours. Get a perfect fit every time. The starting fee is only $20.00. Here's how it works:

You can custom build your wig by choosing from the options provided in the drop-down menus. All wigs are made with three bundles of 100% human hair and a closure or frontal. Choose your cap size, lace type, glueless or not, bundle lengths, closure or frontal, and hair textures. Once you have chosen your choices you will see a total below your choices.

Then click the add to cart button. You will then see all your choices in the cart including the total along with the starting fee. Simply check out to pay in full or choose Shop Pay to pay in installments. (If you don't have a Shop Pay account, you will need to create one).


Examples of our hair textures are provided for you located in the picture area to help you make your choices.


What is HD Lace? HD lace wigs are high-definition wigs made from a special type of undetectable lace material. The "HD" stands for "high definition," referring to the undetectable and ultra-thin lace that closely resembles the scalp when applied correctly. HD lace wigs are designed to provide a flawless and undetectable hairline, giving the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

 What is Transparent Lace? Transparent lace is normal lace in a transparent color. It is also made from a sheer lace material that provides a natural-looking hairline. Transparent lace is designed to be less visible against the scalp and offers versatility in terms of styling and customization. To start, click here:

What does cap mean?

Cap is used to create the wig along with a closure or frontal. Caps comes in sizes small, medium or large.

What does glueless mean?

Glueless means the wig does not require glue to install. You just simply cut the lace around the hairline, style your wig and go. 

What is a frontal?

frontal serves the same purpose as the closure, but it is wider in length extending from ear to ear and going about 5 inches to the back of the head. The lace is made to blend into your skin tone and can be applied with a special glue made for wig installations or glueless gels which can be removed with water. The sizes of the frontals come in 13X4 and 13X6. All can be sewn onto a wig cap. Frontals usually uses glue to install for units.

What is a closure?

Closures come in different sizes. Usually sizes they come in are 4X4, 5X5, 6X6 inches.
The smaller these closures are, the less parting space and hair coverage is included with it. A larger closure gives the ability to have more coverage and scalp imitation. Also, the are usually glueless.

What is #613 Blonde?

#613 hair color is a light blonde hair color that is very neutral, meaning it doesn’t have an overarching warm or cool tone. It’s right in the middle, which makes it look good on most people, no matter their skin tone and undertone.

The number #613 denotes the number of hair colors used to dye wig hairs. When we refer to 613 hair wigs, we are referring to the wigs that are made up of Blonde / Light Blonde colored hair. #27/613, for example, denotes blonde hair #27 mixed with platinum hair #613 in the same strand or weft.

What is an elastic band?