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BE Nail Kit 201

BE Nail Kit 201

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 BE Nail Kit 201 offers easy application and use of durable, non-damaging press-on nails for a perfect two-week wear. Each set includes 24 nails of 12 different sizes, allowing them to fit any size fingernail. Cut or file your BE nails to your desired fit in seconds for a natural-looking finish. Enjoy up to 20 uses with professional-grade materials for an ultra-smooth look.

What's Inside Your Kit:

  • 24 Press-on Nails in 12 Sizes 
  • Nail File
  • Nail Glue
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • Orange Stick
  • Nail Glue Tabs


Before you begin, find the correct size BE nail for your natural nails and put them aside in order.

• Gently push back cuticles with orange stick or use a cuticle remover, then gently buff your natural nails; then clean your nails using alcohol prep pad.

• Apply a thin layer of glue to underside of the BE nail and natural nail. If you prefer to use the nail glue tabs, simple apply to natural nails and apply BE nail, press and hold for at least ten seconds.

• Align BE nail starting at the cuticle; press down firmly and hold for five to ten seconds.

• File BE nail to change shape or length of nail, if desired.

Avoid water - make sure you wait 2-3 hours for the glue to completely dry before you get your hands wet. Water can break down the glue and cause the press on to fall sooner than you’d like.

As with ANY type of artificial nails, here are some tips to ensure a long-lasting wear:

-Wear gloves if your hands are constantly in water. (Of course we want you to wash your hands)

-Use caution when opening tab top cans and bottles.

-Use caution with doors you have to pull open.

-Open boxes with care.

-If a nail pops off, simply reapply nail glue and place nail on natural nail. Be sure your natural nail is oil free.

 Removing press on nails

If you decide to remove the press on nails, begin by soaking your nails in warm soapy water. For adhesive tabs, soak the nails for about 5 minutes while soaking them for between 10 and 15 minutes if you used liquid glue. 

Once you see that the glue is a bit loose, you can use an orange stick to remove them from the cuticle side gently. But, if you know that it’s difficult to push the press on nails, soak them in warm soapy water again for an extra few minutes. 

When removing nail glue residue from your natural nails, use a pink filer. It is essential to apply cuticle oil to moisturize your hands and nails after the procedure.  

DO NOT soaking in acetone as it can damage press on nails and may become not reusable. 




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